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Music performed by orchestra: from classical to electronic music

In the beginning, we’ve been creating the orchestra that will be more wide audience-orientated. We are close, we are available, and we have damn fiery music! That’s exactly the reason we are NOT ELECTRIC, NOR EPILEPTIC, but ECLECTIC orchestra. It cane from the word ECLECTICISM which means mixing, compounding. We work across vast array of genres and styles; we create a hybrid mix of electronic and acoustic musical instruments. We are on the frontline of sound production and performing art.

Our music sets became popular among many various groups of audience. We are the perfect choice if you need to electrify the crowd and turn up the thermostat. We look neat and appropriate both at rock fest and more formal events; at the wedding or corporate party, on the large stage, whether our orchestra performs solely or with a help of some band or celebrity.

We constantly improve ourselves and make music. We offer you our most popular music sets, standard duration of each one is 20 minutes. Usually complete performance of orchestra includes 3-4 music sets.

Modern interpretation of classical music

Top-notch and popular classical melodies accompanied by dubstep rhythms, techno and trance styles. It’s the right music here, there and everywhere. It’ll surprise audience with its liveliness and rhythmics. With this music you can have fun or thoughtfully listen to time-honored masterpieces.

Classical music set №1 20 min

  1. A. Vivaldi – “Winter” (part 1)
  2. J.S. Bach – Badinerie
  3. A. Piazzolla – Libertango
  4. C. Gardel – Por una cabeza (from Scent of a Woman film)
  5. W.A. Mozart – Eine kleine Nachtmusik
  6. K. Jenkins – “Palladio” (part 1)
  7. J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor
  8. A. Vivaldi – “Summer”, “Storm” (part 3)

Orchestral interpretation of pop music in 20 min

Everybody, young and old know these songs: Madonna, Sting, Lady Gaga, Adele … Any extra recommendations are just irrelevant here. Just up and pop into dancing until everyone drops!

Pop music set 20 min

  1. Cher - Strong Enough
  2. Army Of Lovers - Sexual Revolution
  3. Sting - Desert Rose
  4. Adele - Rolling in the Deep
  5. Madonna - Frozen
  6. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
  7. Celentano - Confessa
  8. ABBA - The Winner Takes It All
  9. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
  10. Sia - Chandelier
  11. Rihanna - Unfaithfull
  12. Hozier - Take me to church
  13. Roddie Williams - Party like a Russian

Impressive orchestration of the best rock music hits in the world

These are rock music hits several generations grew up with. They’ve been considered as classic for quite some time now and sound amazing, especially when performed by our orchestra. Color and power of sounding will put orchestra in the center of everyone’s attention at any event.

Rock music set 20 min

  1. Nightwish – The Poet and the Pendulum
  2. Rammmstein - Sonne
  3. Muse - Hysteria
  4. Queen – We are the champions
  5. Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit
  6. Linkin Park - Numb
  7. Metallica – Nothing else matters
  8. The Prodigy – Omen

Soundtracks from the best movies played by orchestra

One the most favorite set of our audience. These themes you are going to sing the tunes from for a long time after listening. Plunge into fantastic and adventure world of worldwide blockbusters. This set will be interesting to listen to both for kids and adults.

Film score set 20 min

  1. “Harry Potter” - Prologue
  2. “Game of Thrones” - Main Title Theme
  3. “Star Wars” - Main Theme
  4. “Star Wars” - The Imperial March
  5. “Pirates of the Caribbean” - He’s a Pirate
  6. “Mission: Impossible” - Main Theme
  7. “Twilight” - Plus Que Ma Propre Vie
  8. “Ghostbusters” - Main Theme
  9. “Gladiator” – Now We Are Free
  10. “Batman Begins” – The Dark Knight

Cocktail of jazz music hits performed by orchestra

When Louis Armstrong was asked to provide a definition of jazz, his answer was: “If  you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know”. Jazz music set from Eclectic Sound Orchestra is all about jazz vibes; it is jazz mood and jazz performance. We play simple and well-liked jazz. That’s an ideal choice for corporate parties of intellectuals.

Jazz music set 20 min

  1. Glenn Miller – In the Mood
  2. J. Tizol, D. Ellington – Caravane
  3. From Lui Armstrong – What a wonderful World
  4. R. Charles – Hit the road
  5. From Frank Sinatra – My way
  6. S. Joplin – Maple leaf rag
  7. From Marilyn Monroe – I wanna be loved by you
  8. From Frank Sinatra – Strangers in the night
  9. V. Youmans – Tea for two
  10. J. Kern – Smoke gets in your eyes
  11. G. Gershwin – Sommertime
  12. G. Gershwin – Rhapsody in blue

Ukrainian folk songs – drinking songs hits – orchestral version

That’s a great set to listen to at the end of any ceremonial event. Usually everyone sings loudly and with feeling. Memory of generation virtually brings singing talents of one and all to the light! There’s no doubt it’s a very strong set. You bet! … It’s not often that you can sing your favorite songs with live performance of an orchestra.

Ukrainian folk songs set 20 min

  1. Cossack March
  2. O My Dear Thoughts, O My Dear thoughts
  3. The Cossack Rode Over The Danube
  4. There Was A Burning Pine Tree
  5. Oh, My Dear Led Wants Some Vareniki?
  6. The Song About Marigolds
  7. Dark Brows, Brown Eyes
  8. What A Moonlit Night
  9. Kolomyjka
  10. Ой на горі тай женці жнуть
  11. Засвіт встали козаченьки
  12. Ой на горі два дубки
  13. Два кольори

Relaxing lounge music set: luxury mood accompanied by orchestra

A skyscraper terrace in urban area, tender breath of wind, a glass of champagne and… long melodies of Eclectic Sound Orchestra. Although this is background music only, it’s a key in creating luxury mood and lounge vibes.

Lounge music set 20 min

  1. Enigma – Return to innocence
  2. Era - Ameno
  3. Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise
  4. Karl Jenkins - Adiemus
  5. Enya – Only time
  6. Mylène Farmer - California
  7. Paul Mauriat – Love is blue
  8. Secret Garden - Song of a Secret Garden
  9. El condor pasa
  10. Leo Rojas – Der einsame Hirte
  11. Ennio Morricone – La mission
  12. Andy Williams – Love story
  13. Gregorian – Voyage-voyage

Folk music from all over the world

World folk music set 20 min

  1. Czárdás (Hungary)
  2. La cumparsita tango (Argentina)
  3. Under the Sky of Paris waltz (France)
  4. Kalinka (Russia)
  5. Farmer Song (USA)
  6. Lullaby (China)
  7. Scandinavian dance
  8. Tarantella (Italy)
  9. Hopak (Ukraine)
  10. Sirtaki (Greece)
  11. Oh, you dear Augustin (Germany)
  12. Hava Nagila (Israel)
  13. Lezginka (Caucasus Krai)

Acoustic repertoire for orchestra

(without extra prerecorded music and rhythm section. Minimum orchestra cast includes 15 persons) 

  • L. Dalla - Caruso
  • A. Uvezian – Strangers in the Night (from F. Sinatra’s repertoire)
  • Skoryk – Melody in A minor
  • Lehar – waltz from The Merry Widow operetta
  • Potpourri of melodies from Soviet films and cartoons:
    • “The Twelve Chairs” - Overture
    • “The Bremen Town Musicians” – the Princess Has a Tedious Time
    • “Gentlemen of Fortune” – Main Theme
    • “On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians” - Princess Song
    • “The Bremen Town Musicians” – Security Guard Song
    • “How the Lion Cub and the Turtle Sang a Song” - Song from the cartoon
    • “Office Romance” – Main Theme + “For The Sake O’ Somebody”
    • “Well, Just You Wait!” – Main Theme
  • Jenkins – Palladio, for string orchestra
  • J. Pachelbel – Canon in D, for string orchestra
  • W.A. Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • A. Piazzolla – Libertango, for string orchestra and pianoforte
  • C. Gardel – Tango from Scent of a Woman cinema film
  • G. Bizet – Carmen opera themes for string orchestra. Arranged by D. Kolomiets
  • J.S. Bach – Badinerie
  • R. Cacciapaglia – Times
  • G. Denaro – L’attesa
  • G. Denaro – l’Estasi
  • J.S. Bach – Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major
  • I. Dunayevsky – Overture from The Children of Captain Grant
  • E. Di Capua – O’ sole mio (Neapolitan song)
  • F. Lai – Emmanuelle theme
  • E. Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King
  • L. Boccherini – The Celebrated Minuet
  • A. Borodin – Polovtsian chorus. Adaptation for string instruments and synthesizer
  • M. Leontovych – Shchedryk
  • ABBA – Happy new year
  • Y. Krylatov – “Three white horses (from Charodei film)
  • L. Cohen – I’m Your Man. Orchestra arrangement by Y. Jaco
  • G. Sviridov – Walz from Snow Storm
  • A. Khachaturian – Waltz from Masquerade
  • E. Doga – waltz from Вальс из «Мой ласковый и нежный зверь»
  • A. Vivaldi – Summer
  • A. Vivaldi – Winter (or the entire The Four Season group)
  • A. Piazzolla – Yo sol Maria, for string instruments and pianoforte
  • Adele – Skyfall (orchestra arrangement by R. Kachalov)
  • Lady Gaga – Applause. Orchestra arrangement by R. Kachalov.
  • D. Monatik – 40 degrees. Orchestra arrangement by R. Kachalov
  • M. Oginski – Polonaise

*- Individual repertoire creating is priced at $50 per 1 min of premade music material. Minimum duration is 5 min. Deadline for completion includes no less than 5 workdays.