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Orchestra for a special event: who and how creates Eclectic Sound Orchestra

Sergey Likhomanenko, principal conductor & creator of Eclectic Sound Orchestra

Musician, Ukrainian conductor of symphonic orchestra, lead manager of Eclectic Sound Orchestra and Kiev Grand Classic experimental orchestras.

He’s the mastermind of creating new music styles that teeter on the edge of electronic sound and traditional instruments. Along with a team of composers, sound engineers and musicians he builds musical eclecticism directions. For now, he’s working on development of Eclectic Sound Orchestra international production studio to make an upscale music on a worldwide basis. He constantly engages in music recording using symphonic orchestra and modern instruments.  Likhomanenko’s customers geography: Azerbaijan, China, Switzerland.

In 2016, Sergey Likhomanenko worked as a music producer of “Chungul” Ukrainian movie. In 2017, he was invited to work in the same position for “The Big Fight” Ukrainian-German cinema film.

He’s actively conducts charity work in support of young musicians. He supervises «Talents of the Nation» festival focused on supporting young performers that founded by himself in 2012. Creating first state youth orchestra in Kiev is his dream. Steadfast extensionist of Ukrainian music. Presidium member of All-Ukrainian Jazz Association.

Yevgeny Jaco, Eclectic Sound Orchestra manager of orchestral music direction

Musician, composer, orchestrator, organist and keyboard player. Manager of composer direction of Eclectic Sound Orchestra.

He graduated educational establishment with a degree in organ studies (professional instrument) and pianoforte (elective course). In addition, he’s an organ builder.

He makes multifaceted music for films, TV series, songs; he composes author music for different events, especially using symphonic orchestra with different complements.

There is organ, pianoforte music and music for symphonic orchestra in his works.

Style of his works is bent to French musical romanticism. His musical language often involves elegancy and romantic quality in harmonious and melodious way.

Mikhail Novik, concertmaster and inspector of Eclectic Sound Orchestra

Musician, a live performer, chamber ensemble performer, orchestra performer (violin). Concertmaster of ESO main cast, member of the arts council of the ensemble. He graduated Petro Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine with honors. He plays multifaceted music from classical to modern. His play contains simplicity and uniqueness are inherent in his play. Violin in his hands reflects all variety of human emotions and leaves no one of his audience indifferent.

Mikhail’s play leaves many warm hopes and vigorous remembrances that are both driving factor and romantic melancholia.

Mikhail Novik cooperates with the leading orchestras of Ukraine. He gives many performances on a tour around the world. He’s been a leader and concertmaster of Kiev national Academic Theatre of Operetta since 2018.

Yuri Yatsiuk, Eclectic Sound Orchestra chief sound engineer. Manager of electronic music direction

Arranger, musician, guitar player. ScoreStorm Music Production founder.

He specializes in ethnic musical instruments recording, creating oriental & cinematic music and sound effects.

His music is used for corporate showcases (Mindbox), advert videos (Sterium), auteur short film (Pain), stage shows and PC games (Penumbra: Necrologue).

He provides his services for composing orchestral score of musical content to heavy metal bands (Sanatana, Hell: On, etc.).

Valeria Finikopulo, composer, arranger, Eclectic Sound Orchestra production producer

Arranger, musician, vocalist. Mastermind of ScoreStorm Music Production.

She works in electronic music direction. Her works were used in advert clips and corporate videos.

She is the voice of such bands as Xes Dreams, Dust Heaven.

She writes arrangements for heavy metal bands (Mournful Gust - For All the Sins).

She recorded voice parts for “Chungul” cinema film. The film comprises some of her musical works for pianoforte.

Vladislav Solodovnikov, composer & Eclectic Sound Orchestra orchestrator

Composer, keyboard player, vocalist, music historian. He graduated from Faculty of Music Theory & History and Pianoforte. For now, he studies at Composition & Orchestration Faculty in Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts.

He works in art and variety music genres. A mix of neoromantic and folkloric nature can be recognized in his musical pieces. His portfolio contains different kind of works both for orchestra and various mixed ensembles, vocalists and choirs.

Yevgeny Herzanych, Eclectic Sound Orchestra stage manager

Alexandra Kovalchuk, Eclectic Sound Orchestra site administrator

Andrei Bondar, Eclectic Sound Orchestra away performances manager