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We are proud that we brought progressive and multifaceted composers together in a team. This is precisely the reason Eclectic Sound Orchestra has such a wide variety of repertoire. Composing musical piece, making a melody for any complement of musicians and ensembles, writing a song or arranging music are our main activities. Other than at concerts, our music can be heard in movies, PC games and advertisement. We are proud that the geography of orders we receive is growing day after day: China, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Italy, Poland… All of the above represent the level of works of our composers, sound engineers and arrangers.
Eclectic Sound Orchestra has also entered into strategic partnership with the leading music production studio in Ukraine called ScoreStorm, specializing in ethnic musical instruments recording, creating oriental and cinematic music and sound effects. The studio provides services for composing orchestral score of musical content.

Composing music from the scratch: work sequence

You pick a music style, duration of composition.  If desired, you can provide us with the examples of similar, ready-made compositions.
In the next step, we provide options of piano score sketch for upcoming composition: main theme, voice parts, options of rhythmic pattern and so on. As a result, we get a final prototype of composition.
In the next-to-last step, you get all ready “sounding” part of composition with a full instrumentation.  At this point you can make any corrections related to music, rhythm, tone, etc.
Last step includes final mixing and, if required, extra studio recordings of live instrumentation, vocals and so on. Once done, it’s time to proceed to final mixing and mastering of pre-made composition.

How much is it to compose an original music?

That is very complex and multistage process which is hard to estimate in advance. In order to avoid confusion with hourly rates, we worked out some price ranges depending on the complexity of musical works.

PRODUCTMIDI and piano samplesPre-made track partially involving musicians (up to 5 persons)Pre-made track partially involving musicians (from 5 to 10 persons)Pre-made track involving symphonic orchestra records (up to 55 persons)Sound design of video footage
From 5 to 10 min.$25/min$50/min$100/min--
From 10 to 30 min.2$20/min$45/min$80/min-$30/min
From 30 to 60 min. $18/min$40/min$75/min$100/min$25/min
Over 60 min.$15/min$30/min$60/min$100/min$20/min

This type of rates DOES NOT INCLUDE:

Studio rent (when needed).

Hiring orchestra and/or vocalists, paying for individual instrumentalists.

Buying separate sound effects with necessary rights and licenses.

This type of rates provides the transfer of ALL AUTHORS’ AND RELATED musical composition RIGHTS to Customer with reservation of authorship. In the event of waiver of authorship, there is an actual 200% charge on the current price list unless otherwise provided by standalone agreements and composer’s terms.

Music copyright registration in Ukraine and abroad

We follow the copyright laws and work with our composers, sound engineers and performers within the legal framework. We legally register author rights in accordance with standard procedure both at Ukrainian and international level. We have registered artificial person in Ukraine, and we work solely under contract. Minimum order for author, exclusive music production is $500. You can always choose and buy the rights of already pre-made musical compositions.