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Eclectic Sound Orchestra (ESO) is a new, unique orchestra that is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe. Philosophy of eclecticism underlying our ensemble has led to radically new flow of sound and modern-day requirements to music.

Our Eclectic Sound Orchestra ensemble is qualitatively different from any other «traditional» orchestras. Wide range of music genres and digital technologies made Eclectic Sound Orchestra trend-setting and many-sided orchestra for any show business’ needs.


First, ESO repertoire takes a new look at historic accomplishments of all ages: from Bach to new electronic and club music genres.


Second, thanks to technological capabilities we gain sounding of large orchestra (over 40 persons) with a lot less resources (from 7 to 11 persons).


Third, we play with DJ, provide music to the celebrities, compose and arrange music for films, participate in different kind of shows and performances.

Orchestra-featuring events

Our Eclectic Sound Orchestra looks and what’s more important, it sounds (!) marvelous at any events:

  • theatrical shows and performances;
  • vocalists’ concerts and show ballet performances;
  • corporate celebrations and weddings;
  • awarding ceremony, presentation parties and showcases;
  • conferences, конференции, exhibitions and business events;
  • open-air performances and club parties;
  • video clips, TV shows filming and advertisement;
  • studio sound recording: comping and mixing.

How to hire our orchestra?

Orchestra performance organizing is a complex process, but we made our service as much client-friendly and modern as possible. The only thing you should do is specify the dates, describe location and scope of the event. All calculations and repertoire options will be proposed by our managers within a very short time. We can consult you both in written and oral form.

How much is it to hire our orchestra?

Final price depends on a number of factors: dates, length of performance, repertoire, required number of musicians, technic specifications. Minimal package of orchestra performance begins at $399. You can also check price list for hiring orchestra and the other services from Eclectic Sound Orchestra.

Orchestra repertoire

We constantly perfect orchestra repertoire and invest funds to expand and improve it. We have about 100 different compositions which are considered as the greatest music ever. Rock, pop, jazz, folk and, needless to say, modern interpretation of classical music by our composers. We also arrange music according to client’s special order.

Live music and use of records

ESO orchestra always plays live. It’s important to comply with technical rider to give rear-fill our ensemble. We utilize sound of synthesizer and rhythm play-back created by us, which are notably brighten up our performance, and we also compose author music and create original sound records for singers and scores for movies.

Our clients and partners



Party in black or white tie format. Orchestra staff and conductor wearing dress suites. Repertoire is an essential classic music. Ceremonial music that includes march, waltz, polonaise, flourish… Greeting of guests and playing between acts, accompaniment for singers and solo singers. This format readily brings some charm and set high standards for any action and event.

Orchestra for wedding: playing at grand ceremony. Our ensemble has electronic church organ (one of three in Ukraine) which sounds very impressively with orchestra.

Cast: from 6 to 30 persons.



Our signature music sets with orchestra, synthesizer and play-back are the most popular music product of our ensemble. Rock, pop music, film scores, modern interpretation of classical music, jazz, folk covers will turn a crowd on from first to last minute during performance.

This format fits well for any active entertainment programs, open stages, beach parties, discos, city events, shopping mall presentations and other special places.

Cast: from 6 to 22 persons.



We completely provide music program and orchestra for holding either classic or modern ball, and we also fully approach the issue of providing shooting of orchestra for video clips, films, advertisement.

We make ensembles consisting of any groups and musicians playing any style and genre, for example, solo vocalists, solo instrumentalists, choirs, disc jockeys. It’s worth mentioning we provide services of making music, creating studio records, mixing and mastering music tracks for pop singers and movies.

Cast: from 20 to 100 persons.


Studio records of orchestra and pop celebrities management

We often perform as the artists for photo & video shoot and studio sound recording. Acting for the camera, posing for shooting and credibility of musicians playing on video can be provided only by professionals – check the price for hiring orchestra for shooting. Watch our video portfolio below.

If you need to create an ensemble of vocalists, rock band, dance troupe with an orchestra within a short time, our services will be provided to our client to in a quick and qualitative way. Besides, we write our own orchestral music for films and theater performances for the reasonable prices.